David Chomard


    Brutal Ring

    Card game - 2013

    Brutal Ring

    I spent a lot of time on this card game to create the rules and the artworks of the cards. The longest was to balance it: Experimented over 40 versions of the game rules and graphics with my friends.


    After two decades of chemical and bacterial warfare, the earth is devastated. The world is now ruled by gangs that fight for the control of the few remaining resources. In this chaos, one last place still has authority: The Brutal Ring. Politics, business, justice, everything is decided in the Brutal Ring. The best gladiators of each gang fight in this huge arena. The victorious gang takes it all: Territory, weapons, slaves... The Brutal Ring is the New Order!


    Competitive game for 2 to 4 players.

    Genre: Deck builder. Duration: 20-40 min.

    Game Objective

    Brutal Ring is a card battle game: 32 gladiators + 46 weapons. Each card has an upper side (Gladiator, Weapon) and a lower side: a Trick (combat modifier). Choose carefully to play either the upper or lower side of the card. Equip your gladiators, enter the Ring and fight using all your twisted Tricks. The player with the highest score wins the game!

    The cards

    Brutal Ring


    Brutal Ring

    Printable rules and cards

    Download the rules (in French, sorry...) and the printable cards of the full game here:

    Brutal Rings rulesbook (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 1 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 2 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 3 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 4 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 5 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 6 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 7 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 8 (PDF) Ready to print cards pack 9 (PDF)